Carol AndersonCarol Anderson, M.S., is President and CEO of Money Quotient. She has a diverse background in business, education, and financial services. Since 1989, Carol has focused on the issues of financial planning education, retirement preparation, life planning, and productive aging. In addition to her contributions to the M.Q. Blog, Carol also serves on the Editorial Advisory Board for Solutions and as a contributor to the Practice Management Center Blog—publications of the Financial Planning Association.

Amy MullenAmy Mullen is Vice President of Money Quotient. Amy utilizes her Financial Life Planning® expertise working one-on-one with advisors to cultivate in-depth understanding of Money Quotient materials, and to customize and implement the M.Q. Financial Life Planning process into their practices. Amy is a frequent speaker at industry conferences, sharing her knowledge on topics such as Financial Life Planning and cash flow management.

Katrina Liukko is Director of Communications for Money Quotient. She keeps the M.Q. Community apprised of news and events, provides Licensee assistance, creates marketing materials, and corresponds with prospective Licensees. In addition, Katrina conducts “New Licensee Orientation” and manages the M.Q. Learning Opportunities Desk—conceptualizing and organizing M.Q. webinars and teleconferences.

Bob ColeRobert J. Cole, Jr., CLU, ChFC, CASL, CFP®, is a veteran Money Quotient Licensee—one of the first to adopt the M.Q. approach to Financial Life Planning. Bob has been in the financial services industry since 1972, and is the Founder and President of Financial Architects, Inc., a financial planning firm located in Louisville, Kentucky. Bob shares his wisdom with the M.Q. Community via his “In My Opinion” contributions to the M.Q. Blog.