Life Lessons: Embracing Vulnerability

Dr. Brené Brown is a research professor at the University of Houston Graduate College of Social Work, and has spent much of her career studying the complex human experiences of “vulnerability” and “living wholeheartedly.”

Her 2010 TED Talk presentation, “The Power of Vulnerability,” catapulted her into the international spotlight with a powerful message that literally resonated with . . . → Read More: Life Lessons: Embracing Vulnerability

Goals Are Key to Designing a “Rich Life”

Financial Life Planning is a holistic process that will help your clients clarify their values and guide them in defining and designing their unique version of the “rich life.”

Goal setting is an essential component of this process, and a powerful tool for clients to experience what is most important in their lives.  When your clients imagine . . . → Read More: Goals Are Key to Designing a “Rich Life”

Retirement Expectations

Retirement will trigger changes in every area of your client’s lives.  As they anticipate and prepare for this stage of life, they are likely to look forward to certain changes and to dread others.  In fact, it is not uncommon for individuals to experience many ambivalent feelings towards retirement because of the significant transitions they anticipate.

For . . . → Read More: Retirement Expectations

Intentional Giving

Although donations are on the rise, charitable giving is still 5 percent below pre-recession figures.  With ongoing concern about a slow economic recovery and extreme market turbulence, donors (and potential donors) are justifiably concerned that their charitable contributions be used effectively and efficiently.

Fortunately, in this age of information technology, many good . . . → Read More: Intentional Giving

A Harsh Reminder: Lessons Learned Amidst the Rubble

Veteran Licensee and M.Q. Advisory Board President, Michael Kay, CFP®, is a regular contributor to the Psychology Today Blog. In his recent “Financial Focus” post, Michael laments the destruction of Oklahoma’s tornados, while celebrating the ability for people to find value and support each other throughout tragedy. He likens the turmoil to the financial storms that . . . → Read More: A Harsh Reminder: Lessons Learned Amidst the Rubble

Increasing Long-Term Happiness

We all strive to be happy. Can you actually make yourself happier and perhaps positively influence clients with your happiness? According to researcher Sonja Lyubomirsky, Ph.D., you can, with intentional effort, enable your happiness and sustain it long-term.

For many years, the prevailing theory was that individuals have a genetically determined happiness set point. In other words, . . . → Read More: Increasing Long-Term Happiness

Are You in the Habit of Being Effective?

Although our world has changed dramatically since Dr. Stephen R. Covey published The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People in 1989, his internationally successful motivational guide continues to be recognized as one of the best nonfiction business books. Even if you once read Covey’s book and perhaps live by the Seven Habits, it may be enjoyable . . . → Read More: Are You in the Habit of Being Effective?

Testing Your Strengths and Virtues

“We have repeatedly found that those who pursue all three domains—pleasure, engagement, and meaning—have by far the most life satisfaction, with engagement and meaning far and away the biggest contributors to fulfillment.”

-Martin Seligman

For most of its history, the field of psychology focused on identifying and treating mental disorders. While an incredibly worthy and important pursuit, . . . → Read More: Testing Your Strengths and Virtues

Managing Time and Living Life

Bringing balance to a busy personal and professional life is challenging.  In order to accomplish all that seems necessary, most of us resolve to work harder and faster.

Therefore, Americans are increasingly experiencing a time crunch.  The result is mounting stress and compromised health and vitality.  And yet, despite our best efforts, many of us express . . . → Read More: Managing Time and Living Life

Expected Value, Added Value, Meaningful Value: What is the Distinction and Why is it Important?

I was coaching with a financial planner recently and he was lamenting about the lack of referrals he was getting from his clients after working with some of them for over 15 years. This planner had even sent out a client survey and had received 4.5 out of 5 in terms of the service he was . . . → Read More: Expected Value, Added Value, Meaningful Value: What is the Distinction and Why is it Important?