Life Lessons: Embracing Vulnerability

Dr. Brené Brown is a research professor at the University of Houston Graduate College of Social Work, and has spent much of her career studying the complex human experiences of “vulnerability” and “living wholeheartedly.”

Her 2010 TED Talk presentation, “The Power of Vulnerability,” catapulted her into the international spotlight with a powerful message that literally resonated with . . . → Read More: Life Lessons: Embracing Vulnerability

Licensee Spotlight: Brent Hamilton

M.Q. “Licensee Spotlight” articles interview Money Quotient Licensees and ask them to share their experiences with Money Quotient materials and the Financial Life Planning process.

After graduating from Portland State University with a dual major in Economics and Finance, Brent Hamilton founded WBH Financial Services located in Lake Oswego, Oregon.  While attending college, Brent assisted in his . . . → Read More: Licensee Spotlight: Brent Hamilton

Helping Clients Define a Legacy of Values

How do middle-age and older adults currently define “leaving a legacy”?  This was the central question of a recent study that examined the attitudes, hopes, and concerns of baby boomers and their elders (Allianz American Legacies Pulse Survey, 2012).

A key finding was that these two generations view legacies as being much more than wealth.  In fact, . . . → Read More: Helping Clients Define a Legacy of Values

You Can Plan for Tomorrow….Just Don’t Plan on Tomorrow!

I have been involved in the practice of Tai-Chi for over twenty years.  One of the central tenants of the philosophy is to “go with the flow.”   It has almost become a cliché to use such a phrase, but the reality is that it is a very difficult thing to do.

First, you must . . . → Read More: You Can Plan for Tomorrow….Just Don’t Plan on Tomorrow!