Licensee Spotlight: Jonathan Millican

M.Q. “Licensee Spotlight” articles interview Money Quotient Licensees and ask them to share their experiences with Money Quotient materials and the Financial Life Planning process.

This “Licensee Spotlight” shines on Johnathan Millican. Jonathan earned his B.S. in Human Environmental Sciences with a concentration in Family Financial Planning from The University of Alabama. Beginning as an intern he later earned the Certified Financial Planner™ certification and is now Director of Financial Planning Operations at Kinsight, LLC, a fee-only RIA in Birmingham, Alabama that helps affluent families reinvent their potential around family and wealth.

Jonathan’s primary role is Financial Planner for approximately 100 clients but his duties also include serving as a member of the firm’s, “fun team” and as a member of the marketing team which led the initiative to rename and rebrand the firm in 2011.

Q: What attracted you to Money Quotient’s approach to life-centered financial planning?

This is a philosophy my firm has embraced for many years, dating to before my tenure began, and at the same time it struggled to develop a process and training for consistent implementation. I met M.Q. Vice President Amy Mullen at a conference several years before attending my first “Fundamentals of Financial Life Planning” (FFLP) training and kept M.Q. on my radar to explore. When I did attend my first training I knew very quickly the tools and processes M.Q. had developed were a perfect fit for my firm.

Q: How long have you been using M.Q. materials? How long did it take to implement?

Another financial planner at my firm and I began using the materials in February 2013. That same month M.Q. held a firm-wide “FFLP” training, solely for our entire staff, so we could all experience the philosophy and tools firsthand. Over the course of a couple months of working with Amy, we developed a process that fit seamlessly with how we work with clients.

Q: How many M.Q. tools have you implemented into your client meetings? Describe the process you followed to
implement the tools.

Our process incorporates approximately 10 different M.Q. tools, some dependent on the specific client. We immediately began using the Financial Satisfaction Survey and Life Transitions Survey with our current clients, and we now use both with prospective clients along with the interview formats of Present Financial Life and Financial History. The array of M.Q. tools and materials allow tremendous flexibility in matching the right tool with the client and/or purpose of the meeting.

Q: How do the M.Q. tools enhance your client experience?

For prospective clients they provide an immediate message that working with our firm will be different than their past experiences with financial advisors. For current, even longstanding clients, the M.Q. tools opened the door to important topics or conversations that had not been explored before and helped cement the belief we want to know them on a personal level. They also allow us to provide a consistent client experience across multiple advisors and client communities within our firm.

Q: What has the life-centered approach done for you, both professionally and personally?

My interactions with Amy and M.Q. President Carol Anderson, along with other M.Q. Licensees, have reinforced my belief this is the only way I want to work with clients. Working through the materials with clients has naturally caused me to pose the questions from the tools to myself regularly, which in turn has resulted in personal growth and improved ability to help my clients…an infinitely rewarding cycle both personally and professionally.

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