A Harsh Reminder: Lessons Learned Amidst the Rubble

Veteran Licensee and M.Q. Advisory Board President, Michael Kay, CFP®, is a regular contributor to the Psychology Today Blog. In his recent “Financial Focus” post, Michael laments the destruction of Oklahoma’s tornados, while celebrating the ability for people to find value and support each other throughout tragedy. He likens the turmoil to the financial storms that also often disrupt lives.

Amidst the devastation in wake of the tornados in Oklahoma arises some important and golden moments.  While the pictures of death and destruction remains in my brain, I cannot help but hold on to the words of the responders, teachers, parents and children who have lived through this tragedy.  I heard one mother respond to a reporter who asked about her obliterated home; her response was perfect. In essence she said, “Who cares about the house, my children are safe.”  A child who was trapped in school talked about his teacher, who blanketed her students with her body.  A responder holding two children in his arms wept openly.  Families clung to each other, their spirits united, even in the face of the complete destruction of their neighborhoods and homes.

In the face of tragedy, people find the roots of their values and join together to help and support one another. The desire for ego-driven riches are nowhere to be seen; it’s about life, family and security.  It takes a disaster to bring those values back to the front of our thinking.  Values-based thinking is that which aligns our heart and our actions.  I have witnessed all too often the disconnect that misaligns our actions from our values, and, to no one’s surprise, money becomes the tipping point.  Read More: A Harsh Reminder

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